About Us

GSI Media and AKM Images have come together with one vision to form one new agency to lead the celebrity news world into a new decade of excellence and collaboration.  Both GSI Media and AKM Images have seen great success over the past five years as competitors, but will now use their synergy to reach even greater heights together.

GSI Media has taken the celebrity news world by storm over the past five years.   Led by Steve Ginsburg, GSI Media has taken a new, modern approach to celebrity news coverage and has quickly gained the respect of celebrities and media outlets alike. With an expanding amount of contributors and an archive 14 years old and growing, GSI Media is considered a leader in celebrity news.

AKM Images has been a leader in the celebrity news field since coming onto the scene in Los Angeles in 2009.  Led by Alex Kantif, AKM Images has been breaking scoops and building a strong reputation as one of the most reliable sources for celebrity pictures and video in Los Angeles.

Combining GSI Media and AKM Images brings together the best photographers in the industry, along with the best support staff an agency can possibly have.   AKM-GSI together will expand our content coverage around the globe, with a network of freelance photographers that trust AKM-GSI as the “most honest” agent for syndication.  AKM-GSI also have a strong network of agents that support the delivery of content to media outlets around the globe.

AKM-GSI are also collaborating with PR agencies and fashion houses to enhance product branding, and enable clients to quickly access photographs of the stars wearing their brands.

AKM-GSI will continue to be pioneers in changing the relationship between the celebrity news media and the celebrities.  With respect and understanding, AKM-GSI have become a favorite of celebrities and publicists looking for an outlet to reach their audience in a collaborative way.